Why Barmy?

Barmy Soda Company has been in business since 2010, producing great-tasting sodas from all-natural ingredients right here in Pittsburgh.

Brendan, the owner of Barmy Soda, creates all of the flavors using 100% natural ingredients; we can even make a custom flavor for you for specials events, birthday parties, weddings, or cocktail mixers! Soda and syrups available.






Barmy Soda Company
147 Julius St
Pittsburgh, PA 15206


All of our flavors are available as ready-made sodas or syrups & concentrates. Syrups are perfect for at-the-ready cocktail mixing, Soda Stream or similar systems, or bars & restaurants with soda water capabilities. We can also deliver Cold Brew Coffee from Commonplace Coffee on a nitro tap! Sodas & seltzer available in 32 oz plastic to-go containers, kegs for restaurant & bar use, or syrup containers.



Interested in serving Barmy soda at your bar or restaurant? Want to get some soda or syrup for a party or a cocktail mixer? Let us know! Fill out the contact form below and we’ll get back to you asap.


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